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      • Finishing the National 863 Plan "PHEV commercial vehicle powertrain research and development" project;

      • Undertaking the national Torch Plan "The assembly industrialization of plug-in new energy vehicle drive system " project;

      • Completing the technological small and medium enterprises innovation fund "FG-HEV3C hybrid system" project;

      • Accomplishing the domestic initiative "mixed type hybrid system" technology research and development;

      • Establishing a central European new energy automobile industry technological innovation strategic alliance, affiliated to more than 20 senior technical experts at home and abroad;building up Industry-University-Research Institute Alliance with Tsinghua University, Tongji University and central European enterprises;

      • Undertaking key special items of science and technology projects in Fujian Province.

      Test Run

      The test center consistently adheres to the creed of “Precise,Objective, Scientific”. Advanced testing equipment, scientific testing method and precise testing data all provide huge support for product development of Fugong. The sophisticated equipment in the test center can meet various testing requirements for parts to system assembly in durability, reliability and stability.

      Following the testing guideline of “Scientific, Rigorous, Precise, Efficient”, Fugong builds green and energy-efficient systems.

      Engine test bench
      Electrodynamometer test bench
      Inflation pump
      Horizontal & vertical vibrostand
      PXI data collection system
      Electronic loader
      Inflation pump
      Engine measure-control system
      mart Fuel Consumption
      Humidity Chamber
      The main control cabinet test bench
      Generator test bench

      We constantly pursue greener, more stable and energy-efficient products, so the test center is equipped with 2 hybrid power test vehicles with length of 12m and 4 all-electric test vehicles.

      Manufacturing Center


      Fugong follows ISO9001 quality control system strictly from raw material purchase to ex-factory test, ensuring high-quality products provided to customers.

      制造中心 01
      制造中心 02

      Spacious and clean production workshop & Modern product manufacturing technique and semi-automatic production line

      We provide products with excellent performance

      Fugong adopts lean management so as to ensure each process in strictcompliance with the established procedure and stable product quality.


      Service Center


      Fugong owns 31 contract maintenance stations, 31 parts warehouses and over 30 after-sales engineers. Currently, it has set up four-level after-sales service support system dedicated to providing high-quality and sound after-sales service. “Enthusiastic, Considerate, Timely and Effective” is our objective. Fugong always believes that only customer satisfaction is our success and we will stick to our service commitments:

      • Receive calls and complaints round the clock.

      • Handle and respond to common quality problems within 1 hour; respond to important quality problems within 2 hours.

      • After-sales staff start off in no more than 30 minutes after receiving the information.

      • Troubleshooting: tackle serious faults within 48 hours and common faults within 24 hours (excluding faults caused by traffic offence). Spare parts arrival (from fault reporting to the arrival of spare parts at the maintenance site): temporarily allocate spare parts promptly and get them in place within 24 hours and provide other common parts within 12 hours. Establish 100% customer/ product information record, provide quality follow-up service and guarantee continuous product improvement.

      Four service system


      After years of persistent efforts, Fugong has set up four-level after-sales service support system dedicated to providing high-quality, professional and considerate service before, during and after the sales. “Enthusiastic,Considerate, Timely and Effective” is our objective.

      Pre-sale service


      Division I professional and technical personnel in a serious presentation aftermarket products and Fu Fu Workers Workers

      Sale of services


      Our professional sales engineers at OEMs to install installation commissioning staff training and supervision, the driver of the vehicle driving in front of the line technical training, skills training bus company repair personnel



      Division I leaders in Kunming bus regular maintenance, maintenance, regular visits


      Division I is for the road vehicle driver training