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    2. August 8, the first batch of domestic new energy bus has been operating for eight years!

      Fu Gong News: August 8, 2017, a normal day!However, for the new energy automotive industry, this day is full of meaning. In January 2009, the full name of "ten city ten thousand" energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and application project started in Beijing, the main content is through the provision of financial s
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      The market rebounded sales steadily, to see how to help the power of the new energy bus industry

      The company's economy in the first quarter won a total of about 10,000 pure electric parts orders.The first quarter of Fu Gong to win such excellent results, fully benefit from the previous market in the accumulation of good reputation and further down the quality. As one of the earliest companies engaged in the development
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      The new energy vehicle not only now struggling, need more poetry and distance

         In April 1st, the Ministry issued the third batch of this year recommended directory, several recommended list issued by the frequency very intriguing and with the fall of the recommended list, production and sales activities can further focus, but the decline in subsidies in the environment, in the current step of
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      The National People's Congress, corun chairman Zhong Faping about hybrid demonstration

      The National People's Congress, Hunan Keli far new energy Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhong Faping guest people.com.cnTime: March 4th 14:00-14:40Venue: People's network studio hallTopic: what does the hybrid vehicle demonstration operation bring to the city?Guest: Zhong Faping, National People's Congress, chairman
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      Good news!!! More than 10000 units of pure electric parts, orders, fortune workers, and access to product quality service award

      [fortune news]: the plan of the year lies in spring. In the spring of spring when all things are brought back to life, the first quarter is not over yet, and Fu Fu is fruitful. Pure electric system has received more than 10000 orders, which stems from the customer's recognition of the Fu products.[quality of work]  &nbs
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